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How Fast is Lightning Fast?

Mon, 2011-03-28

How fast is lightning fast

Is it the blink of an eye?  The flash you see before you hear the thunder?  The response time of your new, super-fast computer?  In relation to your business, it might be an order that you don’t have to think about- before you even wonder where it is, it has already arrived.

9NEWS features Stonehouse on special "Where in the Town"

Fri, 2011-07-22

Our team at Stonehouse would like to thank Gregg Moss and his crew visiting Stonehouse Signs this morning! 

As you'll see in the video below, Gregg helped explain our 148 year history and some of the techniques we use to produce the industrial safety signs and other graphics you see throughout North America.

Custom Tags In The Same Day? You Guys Rock!

Thu, 2011-04-07

I called Stonehouse signs with an emergency need for 1000 barricade tags printed front and back.  I supplied a sample and they were able to get back to me with a proof in less than an hour and by the afternoon that same day I had all 1000 tags in my possession.  I had called all over looking for these tags and Stonehouse was the only place that was able to help me out of a jam.  

Flu Season and Infectious Disease Preparedness

Wed, 2014-10-29
Stonehouse Signs Notice Sign Wash Hands Before Returning To Work

Stonehouse Signs Safety First Safety Slogan Signs Cold and Flu SeasonIs your office or facility filled with sounds of coughs, hacks, and sniffles?

Ski Season is Coming – Are You Prepared?

Wed, 2014-10-08
Stonehouse Signs Ski Season is Coming - Are You Prepared?

With the snow already falling in the high country, now is the time to make sure you're prepared for the upcoming ski season!

Stonehouse offers a full line of ski area signs, including:

September is National Preparedness Month

Wed, 2014-09-10
Stonehouse Signs Recognizes National Preparedness Month This September

“Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare” – September is National Preparedness Month 


Custom Electric Vehicle Charging Station Signs

Wed, 2014-08-13
Stonehouse Signs Custom Electric Vehicle Charging Station Signs

Custom Electric Vehicle Charging Station Signs for Denver Museum of Nature & Science


The Denver Museum of Nature & Science has been focused on sustainability efforts for the last several years, implementing a number of facility improvement projects that help reduce their energy and water use. And now they’ve made it easier for their visitors to be environmentally focused as well.

New School Year, New School Safety Signs

Fri, 2014-08-08
Update Your School's Safety and Facility Signs

It’s hard to imagine, but the new school year is almost upon us. That means now is the time to update your school’s safety signs, including your school security signs and facility signs!

Stonehouse Signs offers a wide variety of safety signs designed specifically with student and facility’s safety in mind. Our standard line of safety and facility signs are available to ship in 24 hours, meaning you have plenty of time before school starts to order and install your new signs. 

Signs From Stonehouse History – Safety Sign from the 1960s

Wed, 2014-07-23
Stonehouse Signs Safety Communication Sign from the 1960s

Stonehouse Signs has been producing standard and custom safety signs since 1863, and obviously safety signs and informational signs have changed over the years. Common phrases came into favor then fell out of the modern lexicon, workplace standards and regulations changed, and the workforce evolved – and Stonehouse signs evolved along with them. However, a couple times a year we get inquiries from collectors looking for information on our antique signs, and we’re able to look back and reflect how far we’ve come as a company and in the safety industry as a whole.