Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Guidelines (Digital and Camera Ready)

Accepted Digital File Types: 

  • Screen Printed Products -  Vector Files: .eps, .ai, .pdf file extensions
  • Digitally Printed Products -  Vector Files: .eps, .ai, .pdf file extensions; Raster Files: .tif, .jpg, .psd file extensions

If you cannot provide the file type above for the product type you are ordering, other file types could possibly be accepted as an example of the image so the layout artists at Stonehouse Signs can recreate the artwork for production. Depending on the image, file preparation charges may apply. Please contact a Stonehouse Signs Account Manager for more information. 

Digital Artwork Requirements: 

When preparing artwork for Stonehouse Signs, please be sure to: 

  • Create the image at 100% size of the product you are ordering. 
  • Convert all fonts to outlines and/or provide Stonehouse Signs with the fonts in your art. 
  • Images in digitally printed artwork must be to scale and at 300 dpi or higher resolution for optimal clarity of final print. Any images provided at a lower resolution will have to be printed as is. (i.e. most images taken from the web are 72 dpi.)
  • With spot colors, all Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors must be specified for us to match. We will match them as closely as possible. However, if a PMS color is not provided, we will have to print the colors as is. Please understand that all printers will print colors differently and in order to get a specific color we will have to use a PMS color.
  • For digital images with a bleed (image runs off edge of sign) please make the artwork so it bleeds .125" off of the edge. We can provide a bleed if it isn't done, but it will look more natural to the image if it is done during the creation of the artwork.  

Camera Ready Artwork:

Stonehouse Signs can accept Camera Ready Artwork.
We can accept (in order of preference):

  1.  Color separated clear film positives.
  2.  High contrast black & white on photo sensitive paper.
  3.  Color separated mechanicals.

For additional questions on Stonehouse Signs Artwork Requirements, contact an Account Manager.

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