Changeable Custom Dry Erase Boards

A revolutionary product in the whiteboard industry, Stonehouse Signs' Changeable Custom Whiteboards can adapt to any hospital or business changes over the years by allowing the graphics to be changed behind the dry erase surface.

Easily Changeable Full Color Graphics

Stonehouse Signs Changeable Custom Dry Erase BoardsUnlike our porcelain whiteboard product, where the ink is baked directly onto the whiteboard surface, resulting in permanent graphics, Stonehouse Signs' Changeable Custom Whiteboards have a full color digitally-printed graphic panel that can be changed easily! The graphic panel sits behind a specially-treated dry erase surface, and the board is finished with a solid wood frame - choose from oak, walnut, maple, or a painted wood finish. 

The Changeable Custom Whiteboard product allows you to design a whiteboard with a true full color graphic. No printing limitations on colors or shading! Add a company logo, photo, grid lines, custom graphic, or create a completely unique design for your business or hospital with the help of Stonehouse Signs' in-house design team.


High Quality Materials

Stonehouse Signs Changeable Custom Whiteboards for BusinessesThe Changeable Custom Board's dry erase surface is made from a specially-treated clear material that dry erase marker ink cannot penetrate. The dry erase surface will never stain or discolor and satisfaction is guaranteed. All of Stonehouse Signs' whiteboard products, including our Changeable Custom Whiteboards, are specially designed to continuously and easily wipe clean and never ghost. With a guaranteed-to-clean, stain-free dry erase surface, customers will never have to replace our whiteboards due to staining or discoloration.


Stonehouse Signs Changeable Custom Whiteboard for Hospitals Example 1The Ultimate in Versatility

With a Changeable Custom Whiteboard from Stonehouse Signs, customers will not have to buy another whiteboard when the information or design becomes outdated. Perfect for large companies, small businesses, and hospitals, Changeable Custom Whiteboards can change and adapt to any need. Simply order new replacement graphic panels from your Account Manager, and then quickly and easily update the whiteboard in seconds.


For Businesses/Industry

Stonehouse Signs Custom Changeable Dry Erase Tracking BoardUse Changeable Custom Whiteboards For: 

  • Project Planning Boards and Kits
  • Manufacturing Scheduling Boards
  • In/Out Employee Tracking Boards
  • Production Scheduling and Planning Boards
  • Make Ready Status Boards for apartment complexes
  • Calendar Boards & Grid Boards


For Medical Centers and Hospitals

Stonehouse Signs Can Make Any Hospital Whiteboard into a Changeable Custom Whiteboard. Perfect for: 

  • Patient Room Boards
  • Pain Scale & Communication Boards
  • ER, OR, Surgery & Nurse Scheduling Boards
  • Recovery Boards
  • Labor/Delivery Boards
  • ICU Boards
  • Any other type of whiteboard you need! 
Stonehouse Signs Custom Patient Room Boards Labor and Delivery Center Stonehouse Signs Custom Patient Room Boards Inpatient Rehab
Stonehouse Signs Custom Patient Room Boards for Hospitals and Medical Facilities Stonehouse Signs Changeable Custom Whiteboards for Hospitals Example 2
Stonehouse Signs Changeable Custom Whiteboards for Hospitals Example 4 Stonehouse Signs Changeable Custom Whiteboards for Hospitals Example 5 Pain Scale


How to Use a Changeable Custom Whiteboard

To change the graphic panel of a Changeable Custom Whiteboard, simply:
  1.   Bend the metal tabs on the back of the whiteboard up; 
  2.   Remove the backer and the outdated graphic panel; 
  3.   Insert the new graphic panel and the backer; 
  4.   And bend the metal tabs down to secure the panels in place.
New graphics can be easily ordered from your Account Manager. Never before has it been this easy to redesign and repurpose your whiteboard, without having to buy a new one. 

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