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Stonehouse's cutting-edge technology binds our exclusive inks onto a high performance porcelain steel substrate, meaning a custom porcelain magnetic dry erase board from Stonehouse Signs significantly outlasts and outperforms the competition.

Four Different Dry Erase Board Types
Choose the Style that Meets Your Needs: 

Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Custom Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboards

Our porcelain magnetic dry erase boards can be printed with your logo, text, graphic, gridlines, or anything else you need. You can use these for a variety of purposes, including Scheduling, In/Out and Planning Boards

Folding Dry Erase Board

Stonehouse Signs Folding Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard

Our folding magnetic dry erase boards are perfect when space or privacy are a concern. 



Mixed Media Board

Stonehouse Signs Custom Whiteboard / Cork Board / Full Color Sign Combo Board

Combine our custom magnetic dry erase board with a corkboard, grasscloth pin board, a digitially printed sign, or anything else you can think of. 

Changeable Whiteboards

Stonehouse Signs Changeable Dry Erase Boards Whiteboards

Stonehouse's changable whiteboards feature a digitally printed, full color graphic panel that sits behind a specially treated dry-erase surface. You can easily change the function of the board over time by ordering new graphic panels from Stonehouse Signs. 


All Stonehouse Signs Custom Dry Erase Boards are are hand-made in our Arvada, Colorado production facility, which means there are no creative limitations. 

  • Choose your size - up to 48" x 96" maximum dimension. Multiple boards can be combined to create a larger surface area. 
  • Add your logo, graphics, text and more and create the layout you want. 
  • Add a grid, lines, columns and categories - no more messy grid tape!
  • Choose a brushed aluminum or solid maple frame. 
  • Add a tray if desired.


Why Should You Choose A Stonehouse Signs Custom Dry Erase Board?

  • Every whiteboard is scratch, stain and ghosting resistant. 
  • There’s no messy residue buildup - all you need to clean is light soap and water. 
  • They have exceptional quality and service life - they’re built to last!
  • The durable porcelain surface is high quality and designed to withstand
    heavy use.
  • Perfect for use in a variety of industries, including hospital dry erase boards and large custom business whiteboards


Custom Whiteboards Made to YOUR Specific Requirements!
Perfect for use as: 

Scheduling/Planning Boards

Scheduling, Project Status and Planning Boards

Hospital Boards

Hospital Patient Room and ER or Nursing Scheduling Boards.

Make Ready Status Boards

Stonehouse Signs Custom Make Ready Status Dry Erase Boards

Office In/Out Boards

Stonehouse Signs Custom Office Staff In Out Boards


Other Custom Whiteboard Examples: 

Stonehouse Signs Custom Folding Whiteboard Stonehouse Signs Custom Full Color Pain Scale Hospital Patient Room Whiteboard Stonehouse Signs Custom ER Scheduling Dry Erase Board
Stonehouse Signs Custom Whiteboard Incident Command Structure Board Stonehouse Signs Custom Sales Goal Whiteboards Stonehouse Signs Custom Map Dry Erase Board

Hanging materials to mount your board are included,
or Click Here for the instructions to mount your Stonehouse Dry Erase Board

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