Custom Folding Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

At Stonehouse, there are no creative limitations for your custom magnetic dry erase board.  Our expert staff can get you exactly what you require. 

By adding a hinge to both sides of their board, nurses and doctors at this facility have the ability to include sensitive information on a reusable surface without sacrificing the privacy of their patients. 

Personal, sensitive and specific patient information is added when the board is open:

Stonehouse Signs Custom Folding Dry Erase Board

General room information, hospital staff contact information, and general notes can be included when the board is closed:

Stonehouse Signs Custom Hinged Dry Erase Whiteboard

Use a hinged board to protect sensitive information and double the available space on your custom dry erase board.

  • Add your logo, customized graphics, and create the layout you want
  • Add lines, columns and categories, with or without text
  • Include corkboard or another media to increase the versatility of your board

Check out some more detail on this high-quality, durable board:

Stonehouse Custom Folding Dry Erase Boards Stonehouse Signs Custom Folding Whiteboard Stonehouse Signs Custom Folding Dry Erase Boards

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