Large Dry Erase Boards / Large Whiteboards

  •   Folding Dry Erase Boards
    Stonehouse Signs Large Folding Dry Erase Boards
  •   Patient Room Boards
    Stonehouse Signs Maternity Patient Room Boards
  •   Veterinary Boards
    Stonehouse Signs Custom Vet Dry Erase Boards
  •   Cork & Dry Erase Combo Boards
    Stonehouse Signs Custom Cork/Dry Erase Board
  •   Maintenance Tracking Boards
    Stonehouse Signs Custom Maintenance and Scheduling Whiteboards
  •   Sales Tracking Boards
    Stonehouse Signs Custom White Board for Sales Tracking
  •   Hospital Scheduling Boards
    Stonehouse Signs Patient Scheduling and Tracking  Dry Erase Boards

Large Dry Erase Boards and Large Magnetic Whiteboards

Stonehouse Signs offers several different types and styles of small, medium and large custom printed dry erase boards and magnetic whiteboards for hospitals and general business use. All of our custom whiteboard products are guaranteed to be scratch, stain and ghosting resistant and will last for years!

What Type of Custom Whiteboard Do You Need?  

Custom Printed Magnetic Whiteboard – Stonehouse developed a cutting-edge technology that allows us to custom print directly on a high-performance porcelain steel substrate, making these large whiteboards incredibly durable and long lasting. Printing directly onto the whiteboard surface also eliminates messy grid tape lines – print your desired text, grid or logo directly on the whiteboard, without the residue buildup from
tape or vinyl. 

Stonehouse Signs Custom Printed Magnetic Whiteboard

Changeable Whiteboard – Stonehouse Signs' revolutionary changeable whiteboards have a digitally printed graphic panel insert that sits behind a specially treated clear dry-erase surface, which is framed in maple or a custom wood frame choice. This allows businesses to change the look or function of their whiteboard easily. New inserts can be ordered easily from Stonehouse Signs and can be printed in full color. 

Stonehouse Signs Custom Changeable Whiteboard

Folding Magnetic Dry Erase Board – If space or information privacy is a concern, choose our folding magnetic dry erase whiteboards.  Stonehouse’s folding whiteboard can be dual sided, maximizing the writing space on your custom printed whiteboard. 

Stonehouse Signs Custom Folding Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Mixed Media Boards – combine our large whiteboard surface with a cork board, fabric board, digitally printed sign, or anything else you can envision. 

Stonehouse Signs Mixed Media Board Custom Cork Board/Dry Erase Board Combo

Outdoor-Quality Whiteboards – Often used by the ski industry, our outdoor-quality dry erase boards can withstand harsh temperatures, temperature fluctuations, wind, sun, and more.

Stonehouse Signs Outdoor Quality Whiteboards

What Style of Custom Whiteboard Do You Need? 

No matter what industry you’re in, from restaurant to retail, manufacturing to non-profit, Stonehouse Signs has a custom whiteboard product that can meet your needs. Use Stonehouse Signs’ custom printed whiteboards for:

  • In/Out Employee Tracking Whiteboard
  • Daily Specials Whiteboard
  • Manufacturing Scheduling Whiteboard
  • Dry Erase Menu Board
  • Production Planning Whiteboard
  • Weekly Planner Whiteboard
  • Production Scheduling Whiteboard
  • Make Ready Status Whiteboard
  • Shipment Tracking Whiteboard
  • Donation Tracking Whiteboard
  • Sales Goal Whiteboard
  • U.S. or World Map Whiteboard
  • Project Management Whiteboard
  • Sports and Recreation Custom Printed Whiteboard
  • Staff Scheduling Whiteboard
  • Whiteboard for Classroom Use
  • Grid Whiteboard
  • Calendar Whiteboard

All of Stonehouse's whiteboard products can be made your custom specifications including custom sizes. Each product can be made into a large whiteboard, a small whiteboard, or manufactured to your custom whiteboard dimensions. 

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