Product Spotlight: Confined Space Signs & Tags

Stonehouse Signs Confined Space Signs

OSHA reports that about 90 deaths involving confined spaces occur each year. And in many instances, the real danger is that confined spaces often don’t look outwardly dangerous. Because of this, workers often don’t realize the hazards or register trouble before it is too late. And sadly, many times a bad situation becomes worse, as would-be rescuers become victims themselves – one study even reported that 40% of confined space fatalities occurred when potential rescuers succumbed to the same hazards as their intended rescuee.

Overexertion Top Cause of Workplace Injuries

Stonehouse Signs Overexertion Top Cause of Workplace Injuries

Every year, a number of top ten reports are released that attempt to quantify important safety issues. These lists, which include OSHA’s Annual Most Cited Violations, are an important tool for employers as they identify common workplace safety issues. Employers can then focus on identifying and preventing these common issues at their work facility, improving their overall safety on a regular basis.

OSHA Updates Eye & Face Protection Rules

Stonehouse Signs Eye PPE Sign Safety First Save Your Eyes Wear Eye Protection

In a year full of changes for OSHA, including increasing violation fines and updating the way it measures inspections, the government agency also recently announced it is also updating Eye and Face Protection standards for general industry, construction, shipyard employment, longshoring, and marine terminals.

Denver Cracks Down on Handicap Parking Violations

Stonehouse Signs Handicap Parking Signs

The City and County of Denver is getting serious about handicap parking enforcement. Based on the results of a recent report by the Denver Audit Services Division, the city included money (approximately $200,000) in the 2017 budget to fund disability parking enforcement. The city plans to start an increased enforcement of handicap parking violators starting January 1st, 2017. Prior to this budget change, disability parking enforcement in Denver relied on volunteers to write tickets for handicap parking violators.

Fire Safety Week

Stonehouse Signs Fire Door Keep Closed Sign

Each October, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recognizes Fire Prevention Week, the longest-running public safety observance in the U.S. Commemorating the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire, National Fire Prevention Week is intended to promote fire safety and prevention topics, such as fire alarm safety, fire drills and fire exits.  

5.5 Million Workers Use E-Cigarettes

Stonehouse Signs No Smoking Including E-Cigarettes Sign

As the number of e-cigarette users increase, so do the concerns about the product’s use and regulation, especially in the workplace. In a report released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 5.5 million U.S. workers reported being e-cigarette users in 2014. That’s approximately 4% of the working population. And in certain population segments or industries, that number climbs higher. For instance, males had a 4.5% use rate; current cigarette smokers had a 16.2% use rate; and accommodation and food service workers had a 6.9% use rate.

OSHA Most Cited Violations 2016

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Each year, at the National Safety Council Congress & Expo, OSHA announces its top Top Ten Most Cited Violations for the previous fiscal year, which ends September 30th. And year after year, the same violations remain on the top ten list.

This year was no exception. Once again, Fall Protection was the most cited OSHA violation, for the sixth year in a row. In fact, the entire Top Ten Most Cited list was nearly identical to the last two years. Compare:

2016 OSHA Most Cited List:

Denver Approves Gender Neutral Bathroom Signs

Stonehouse Signs Unisex Restroom Signs

Denver Businesses Have Until April 30, 2018 To Post The New Required Signage

Product Spotlight: Biohazard Signs & Biohazard Tags

Stonehouse Signs OSHA Compliant Biohazard Stickers and Biohazard Signs

Of all the safety dangers encountered the workplace, biohazards may be one of the most recognizable. The distinctive orange and black biohazard symbol was originally created in the late 1960s by an environmental health engineer working for Dow Chemical.

National Safe Digging Month

Stonehouse Signs Custom Utility Marker Signs Fiberglass

As the weather warms and homeowners start to tackle those DIY outdoor construction projects, the Common Ground Alliance wants to remind people that April is National Safe Digging Month and to call before you dig.