New Wyoming Ski Safety Act Sign Now Available

Stonehouse Signs Wyoming Ski Act Compliance Sign

Is Your Resort Compliant with the Newly Enacted Wyoming Ski Safety Act?

Custom ADA Permit Parking Signs With Statutes

Stonehouse Signs Custom Handicapped Parking Sign Parking With DMV Disabled Permit Only

Stonehouse Signs recognizes the importance of properly managing and protecting your parking facility. To that end, we have a range of standard Parking Signs available for purchasing online or through an Account Manager, including No Parking Signs, Reserved Parking Signs, Fire Lane Signs, Handicapped Parking Signs, and more. But what if you need a more specific sign for your parking facility, such as a sign calling out applicable laws or ordinances? That’s where our Custom Sign service can help!

Custom Magnetic Inspection Sign

Stonehouse Signs Custom Magnetic Sign with Letters and Numbers

As the saying goes, safety is no accident. Safety inspections are vital for the safe operation of any workplace. As per OSHA, employees have the right to a safe workplace. But safe operations is also just good business. No employer wants a failed OSHA inspection – or worse – on their safety record. Luckily, Stonehouse Signs has an innovative solution to ensure your safety inspections remain current, which we recently produced for a Texas customer.

OSHA Most Cited Violations 2017

Stonehouse Signs Lockout and Other OSHA Most Cited Violations 2017

Once again, Fall Protection has topped OSHA’s list of the most cited safety violations for the 2017 fiscal year. The commonly-cited violations list, which is intended to provide a focus for businesses by publicizing common safety issues, was announced at the National Safety Council Congress & Expo held in September 2017.

Fall protection has been the number one most cited violation for several years. The rest of the 2017 most cited violations have also remained nearly identical from previous years. Compare the lists from 2014 – 2017:

New ANSI Guidelines for Ski Lift Signs

Stonehouse Signs ANSI Compliant Ski Lift Signs

ANSI, with guidance from the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA,) has released an updated version of ANSI B77.1 – Annex D for the 2017/2018 ski season. This ANSI standard regulates required signs posted at ski areas, including ropeway/lift signs and informative signs.

Custom No Open Carry Signs for Colorado Facility

Stonehouse Signs Custom Open Carry Prohibited Signs

Stonehouse Signs often gets calls from customers asking if we have a specific compliance sign in stock. And while we don’t keep every state, county or municipal-compliant sign on-hand, our Custom Sign Service does give Stonehouse Signs the flexibility to make whatever sign you need, following the compliance standard, and get it to you quickly. This Custom Sign Service is particularly handy for Gun Control Signs, as laws can vary greatly between different municipalities.