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Physical Security Military Sign Requirements

Throughout the United States, Military installations have specific rules and guidelines for posting signs for physical security.

We took a detailed look at the rules and regulations, and outlined the specific requirements that pertain to signage on military installations below.

Applying Vinyl Graphics

In a previous article, Punch Up Your Window Graphics, we offered some of the advantages of using self-adhesive vinyl, and some new ideas that you might find interesting.

All About the J.W. Stonehouse Font

The J.W. Stonehouse Font, Exclusively Created and Used by Stonehouse Signs

In the late 1920s, J.W. Stonehouse began producing his safety signs in a special font he created.  J.W. developed the font to be both effective and visually appealing on his safety sign products, which at the time were made to communicate the mining bell alarm system to coal miners. Why did J.W. create a new font for his sign instead of using one that was readily available? Jeff Stone, great-grandnephew of J.W. Stonehouse and current company CFO and VP of Operations, explains:

Custom FPCON Slider Sign System

Stonehouse Signs Custom FPCON Slider Signs Military Signs

As a custom sign manufacturer, Stonehouse Signs is proud of our ability to closely work with our customers to create sign solutions to meet their specific needs. And we’re willing to think outside of the box on many projects – such as the FPCON Slider Sign System we recently created for the Navy.

Custom Changeable Hinged Flip Signs

Stonehouse Signs Custom Easy Flip Hinged Signs

Need an easy way to rotate between two different messages? Stonehouse Signs’ Custom Changeable Hinged Flip Signs makes changing the message you display easy. Our Custom Hinged Flip Signs can be printed with different messages on both sides of the sign, with a hinge in the middle, allowing you to display one message when the sign is open and a different message when closed. Recently we produced two different Custom Hinged Flip Signs for very different purposes that shows the versatile uses of these signs.

Real World & Exercise Interior FPCON Slider Signs

Stonehouse Signs Custom FPCON Signs Slider Sign System

Over our many years of experience working with the military, Stonehouse Signs has produced a number of different FPCON Sign solutions for facilities around the country for both interior and exterior use. Facilities prize our FPCON Slider Signs as this sign solution makes it easy to display and change the current FPCON threat level. And recently we made another custom version of our Interior FPCON Slider Signs for a military facility in California.