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Custom Vinyl Decal Window Graphics

Stonehouse Signs can create one-of-a-kind Custom Vinyl Decal Window Graphics for your company or facility!

Like all of our custom products, Stonehouse Signs produces our Custom Vinyl Decals to your exact specifications. 

Take a look at what we can do with our self-adhesive vinyl material that will help make your business stand out and get noticed!

All About Baked Enamel Signs

From the car you drive every day to the stove in your kitchen, thousands of products with metal surfaces use enamel coating.  It helps preserve color and prevent rusting and, of course, is used on steel and aluminum industrial safety signs. 

This article explains why Stonehouse Signs recommends our polyester baked enamel finish with thermo-setting inks for our customers wanting a strong, durable sign. 

What Is Outdoor Durable?

In Baked Enamel - What’s the Deal?, we discussed the reasons why Stonehouse Signs determined that polyester baked enamel provides the best possible coating for a long-lasting, durable outdoor sign.  A polyester baked enamel finish with thermo-setting inks is so effective that we have been using baked enamels for 40+ years for the majority of our customers. 

Protecting Buried Telecom Cables

Every time an excavation crew digs near your buried cables or underground utilities, you run the risk that they will sever the lifeblood of your company.

New Polyester Tag Material


Stonehouse Signs would like to introduce our brand new line of 4.7 mil polyester paper tag material.  Its modest price point and excellent product specifications make it the perfect alternative to other tear-resistant materials in the market today! 

Stonehouse Signs Polyester Tag Material


Technical Advantages:

  • High White Color (92 based on the ISO 11475 Standard)

Panoramic Interpretive Ski Signs

When you're standing at the top of the mountain just before you start an epic ski run, have you ever wondered what's around you?  Maybe you just visited another resort recently, or you climbed a nearby 14er last summer. 

Without having an expert that knows the names and locations and can help point out what you're looking at, it's really just an estimated guess.  That's where Stonehouse can help!

Digitally Printed Custom Sign Examples

At Stonehouse Signs, we help you stand out from the crowd.  Our state-of-the-art digital printing technology gives us the capability to offer custom signs with any color, graphic or wording.  

From large full color custom printed signs to custom materials, Stonehouse Signs can take your ideas and produce a high-quality, digitally printed custom sign with the same lightning fast turnaround as any of our stock signs.

Electrical Safety I: Lockout Procedures

Controlling hazardous energy when a machine or electrical system is being serviced or repaired is critical to protect your employees from death or serious injury.  In short, proper lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures save lives.

The sections of this article will help us explain why proper lockout / tagout procedures are vital for every business throughout the United States. 

ANSI B77.1 Annex D: Ski Lift Signs

Skiing or snowboarding are enjoyable outdoor activities.  With millions of visitors throughout the country every year, ski resorts have a responsibility to be sure that their visitors have a great time- and stay safe.

Physical Security Military Sign Requirements

Throughout the United States, Military installations have specific rules and guidelines for posting signs for physical security.

We took a detailed look at the rules and regulations, and outlined the specific requirements that pertain to signage on military installations below.