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Custom Printed Sign Replacements

Do you have one of those banners or signs that looked great when it was first installed, but might have lost some of its luster?

Take this sign as an example:

Stonehouse Signs Old Interpretive Sign We Replaced

Custom Tags In The Same Day? You Guys Rock!

"I called Stonehouse signs with an emergency need for 1000 barricade tags printed front and back.  I supplied a sample and they were able to get back to me with a proof in less than an hour and by the afternoon that same day I had all 1000 tags in my possession.  I had called all over looking for these tags and Stonehouse was the only place that was able to help me out of a jam.  

Step Into Stonehouse History

Our Founder- J.W. Stonehouse

In 1863, the year Stonehouse Signs was founded, a seed was planted that would change workplace safety forever.  That’s over 150 years of a rich and storied history of a company whose lasting contributions in the early years of the industrial safety movement can be measured in number of lives saved. 

Bilingual Signs Can Help Save Lives

Stonehouse Signs Danger High Voltage Keep Out Spanish SignWork-related deaths in the United States are decreasing!  The Bureau of Labor Statistics presented a very promising trend in their Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) Summary for 2009. 

All About Baked Enamel Signs

From the car you drive every day to the stove in your kitchen, thousands of products with metal surfaces use enamel coating.  It helps preserve color and prevent rusting and, of course, is used on steel and aluminum industrial safety signs. 

This article explains why Stonehouse Signs recommends our polyester baked enamel finish with thermo-setting inks for our customers wanting a strong, durable sign. 

What Is Outdoor Durable?

In Baked Enamel - What’s the Deal?, we discussed the reasons why Stonehouse Signs determined that polyester baked enamel provides the best possible coating for a long-lasting, durable outdoor sign.  A polyester baked enamel finish with thermo-setting inks is so effective that we have been using baked enamels for 40+ years for the majority of our customers. 

All About the J.W. Stonehouse Font

The J.W. Stonehouse Font, Exclusively Created and Used by Stonehouse Signs

In the late 1920s, J.W. Stonehouse began producing his safety signs in a special font he created.  J.W. developed the font to be both effective and visually appealing on his safety sign products, which at the time were made to communicate the mining bell alarm system to coal miners. Why did J.W. create a new font for his sign instead of using one that was readily available? Jeff Stone, great-grandnephew of J.W. Stonehouse and current company CFO and VP of Operations, explains:

What is “Change It Up”?

Stonehouse Signs Change It Up Service

Stonehouse Signs is known to their loyal customers for its Change It Up® service. But what exactly does that mean, and how does it help the average customer when purchasing safety signs or safety tags?

Celebrating 100 Years of Incorporation

J.W. Stonehouse Examines One of His Colorado Bell Code Signs.

Incorporated on February 17, 1914 in Colorado, Stonehouse Signs has been part of the sign community for 150 years and part of the Denver business community for over 100 years. 

Severe Weather Preparedness Week 2014

Emergency Exit Signs Help Businesses Prepare for Severe Weather Preparedness Wee

March 2 – 8, 2014 is Severe Weather Preparedness Week. The annual week, sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), is designed to raise awareness of the importance of preparing for severe weather conditions before they happen. According to NOAA, in 2013 there were seven severe weather events which caused over $1 billion of damage in the U.S.