Stonehouse Signs Delivered Exactly What We Wanted

Stonehouse Signs was able to work with Jake R. from a west coast film company recently, making a custom sign for a commercial he was producing. And we were pleased to be able to make the exact sign he needed for his commercial set.

Jake contacted us through our website to request a Restricted Area Military Sign that he wanted to alter slightly for his purposes. He wanted to change the wording to include “Haswell, NM” under the standard restricted area sign wording. The rest of the sign was made just like our other military signage to get the authentic look Jake wanted for the shoot. The 14” x 24” aluminum sign was printed with red and black wording and finished with standard radius corners.

Stonehouse Signs Custom Military Restricted Area Warning Sign

Jake was thrilled to receive the finished product and use it in his commercial. “The script called for a sign to let the viewer know that our character was entering an area that was once an old military base. We also needed a few customizations that were unique to our project. Stonehouse Signs stepped up and delivered exactly what we wanted, as if this one-off design was (para) normal. Thanks!”

If you need a custom sign for your project, contact Stonehouse Signs today. We welcome all custom sign requests, big or small. 

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