5.5 Million Workers Use E-Cigarettes

As the number of e-cigarette users increase, so do the concerns about the product’s use and regulation, especially in the workplace. In a report released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 5.5 million U.S. workers reported being e-cigarette users in 2014. That’s approximately 4% of the working population. And in certain population segments or industries, that number climbs higher. For instance, males had a 4.5% use rate; current cigarette smokers had a 16.2% use rate; and accommodation and food service workers had a 6.9% use rate.

Stonehouse Signs No Smoking Including Electronic Smoking Devices SignWhy the concern over e-cigarette use? As this is a newer type of smoking product (first marketed internationally in 2002) there isn’t much research on the potential risks and health hazards. There are also not many current regulations regarding the sale of such products, which can vary widely in chemical compositions from brand to brand. There are also two concerns the CDC report mentioned with regard to the marketing of e-cigarettes. One, they have been promoted as a smoking cessation aid, yet are not approved by the FDA for that purpose. That is an issue with employers that are concerned about their employee’s health and healthcare costs in general. E-cigarette smoking has also been promoted as an acceptable alternative to conventional smoking (cigarettes, cigars, etc.) in places where conventional smoking is banned. This is obviously a concern for employers, who may ban conventional smoking at their facility or in certain areas facility of their facility as part of their workplace health initiatives, because of laws or local ordinances, or because of safety concerns near dangerous or flammable materials.

With e-cigarette use becoming more widespread among U.S. workers, now is the time to make sure your facilities’ smoking policy is clear and includes information on e-cigarette use. As of now, the laws regulating e-cigarette use vary by municipality and state, so the first step would be for employers to check their local laws and ordinances to see if e-cigarette use is regulated in their area. Employers may also want to take the following steps to clarify e-cigarette policies to employees and facility users:

  • Stonehouse Signs Danger Flammable Material No Smoking SignEvaluate your workplace smoking policy, add any information on e-cigarette use or bans if needed, and communicate any updates in policy to employees.
  • Evaluate your work health or insurance information, including any smoking cessation programs, to see if e-cigarette use is defined and regulated.
  • Update your Smoking Signs to include e-cigarette use to help clarify if e-cigarettes are allowed or prohibited in certain areas.
  • Reiterate the importance of not smoking around dangerous, combustible or flammable materials, and make sure these materials are properly labeled and warnings are posted.

Stonehouse Signs has a selection of standard Smoking Signs that include e-cigarette use. We can also make custom Smoking Signs if you need a specific policy communicated at your facility. For more information, or to order your custom signs, contact Stonehouse Signs today.

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