ANSI Sign and ANSI Tag Layouts

Are you looking for a safety sign or tag with a more progressive design? Stonehouse Signs provides safety signs and accident prevention tags designed to the current ANSI Z535 standards.

Virtually all of our standard safety signs and tags have an ANSI version!

ANSI Sign & Tag Designs

ANSI Z535 standards modernize the hazard alert system that uses different signal words and colors to distinguish between levels of hazards.

  • ANSI encourages the use of to indicate potential personal injury hazards.
  • ANSI recommends a combination of UPPER and lower case letters for the best readability.
  • Use Left aligned, ragged right text, which also improves readability. Centered text should be used only for short messages.

OSHA Safety Sign Version

Stonehouse Signs OSHA Sign Danger No Smoking, No Open Flames, No Sparks

ANSI Safety Sign Version

Stonehouse Signs ANSI Sign Danger No Smoking, No Open Flames, No Sparks

OSHA Safety Tag Version

Stonehouse Signs OSHA Danger Do Not Operate Tag

ANSI Safety Tag Version

Stonehouse Signs ANSI Danger Do Not Operate Tag

A Brief History of ANSI

Since the early 1900’s, several organizations have taken steps to ensure the safety and health of workers throughout the world, setting mandatory safety requirements and recommended guidelines to ensure that workers are safeguarded against common hazards and accidents that occur in every workplace.  

Founded in October 1918, The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is comprised of government agencies, organizations, companies, academic and international bodies, and individuals.  They develop standards based on membership consensus to expand the application of OSHA laws and the use of American products worldwide. 

ANSI standards are technical, detailed and specific.  They are voluntary, but offer additional protection to workers by offering more detailed instructions on how to properly guard against hazards. To that end, Stonehouse Signs offers a full line of ANSI Signs and ANSI Tags to meet these standards.

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