CDC Focuses On Workplace Health Promotion

Can doing yoga at work prevent you from getting sick? Can it save your employer money? While it may seem counterintuitive, more and more businesses and workers alike are recognizing the connection between overall health, better productivity, and saving overall on healthcare. Whereas in decades past workplace health and safety programs mostly included common-sense solutions to specific issues – such as safe working procedures, proper equipment operation, or wearing protective equipment – now many employers are focusing more on the interconnected nature of worker’s overall health and safety and productive job performance.

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Recognizing the important role employers play in improving worker’s health and safety, The Center for Disease Control recently launched a new website focused on Workplace Health Promotion. The site’s mission is to “reduce health risks and improve the quality of life for American workers” by helping workplaces implement healthy workplace programs and policies. Health topics covered include:

The CDC also notes the importance workplaces can play in promoting worker’s health though these types of programs, noting that the amount of time spent at work is more than enough for most workers to develop healthier habits. Workplaces can also influence healthier worker behavior by:

  • Changing workplace/group norms – peer pressure is a powerful motivator, and if a majority of colleagues are getting their flu shot, quitting smoking or meditating during the day, because workplaces have made those options available to them, other coworkers may be influenced to follow their lead.
  • Increasing overall healthy behavior – through policies, access or other methods.
  • Increasing worker’s health knowledge – through education, access to experts, conversation and more.
  • Assisting workers in accessing important health screenings, immunizations, etc.
  • Decreasing workplace exposure to disease or injury-causing situations or substances.

The definition of workplace health and safety is changing, but the outcome is clear – healthier workers are better for both individuals and businesses alike.  

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