Custom 5S Signs for Workplace Organization

"There are only two choices: keep it or chuck it. And if you’re going to keep it, make sure to take care of it." So wrote Marie Kondo in one of her hugely successful organization books that focused on decluttering and organizing the home. But while Kondo may have gotten a lot of attention recently for her minimalist home approach, 5S and Lean Manufacturing / Just In Time workplaces have been using these techniques for years to improve and streamline workplace efficiency.

5S specifically is a workplace organization concept that was developed in Japan. The five “S” steps, with their rough English translation, are:

  1. Seiri – Sort
  2. Seiton – Set
  3. Seiso – Shine
  4. Seiketsu – Standardize
  5. Shitsuke – Sustain

What 5S attempts to do is nearly identical to what Kondo advises in her books – basically, to:

  1. Get rid of items that aren’t needed;
  2. Arrange needed items in an efficient and meaningful way;
  3. Clean your space;
  4. Systemize the above practices; and
  5. Maintain that order and cleanliness.

Sounds sensible, but as anyone who has worked in an office facility knows, sometimes even the best policies and procedures can be difficult to get workers to remember or practice. That’s where ongoing training and communication come in.

To help with the visual communication of the 5S system, Stonehouse Signs makes Custom 5S Signs to remind workers and reinforce the concept, such as the sign below we produced for a Tennessee manufacturer.

Stonehouse Signs Custom S5 Signs
Stonehouse Signs Custom S5 Signs Stonehouse Signs Custom S5 Signs


These Custom 5S Signs were digitally printed in full color, to help visually communicate the 5S steps. The large signs, 48”x96”, were printed on Stonehouse Signs’ LxSign material, a lightweight, durable and glare-free material where the message is printed on the back and protected from the environmental elements by the front. These signs will remain useful and looking great for years – fitting in perfectly with the concepts of the 5S system.

If you need Custom 5S Signs or other Custom Signs, contact Stonehouse Signs today.

Since its founding in 1863, Stonehouse Signs has produced high-quality visual communications solutions for various industries and the government. The company specializes in custom products for safety, information and accident prevention, and manufactures a full line of safety signs and facility signssafety tags, vinyl safety decals, and custom magnetic whiteboards designed for extended outdoor life, harsh environments and demanding applications. For more information contact Stonehouse Signs today.

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