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It is estimated that there are over 6,000 different languages spoken around the world. In the United States alone, there are approximately 350 different languages spoken according to the U.S. Census Bureau, with Spanish, Chinese (including Cantonese and Mandarin) and French/French Creole spoken by approximately 42 million people as their primary language at home. Evaluating if your signage needs to be bilingual or translated into a language other than English is a vital part of managing your facility and your workplace safety program/OSHA compliance. Bilingual Signs ensure important messages, directions and safety procedures are understood by all facility users or workers, regardless of the language they speak. And it helps ensure OSHA compliance – according to the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, employers have certain responsibilities to ensure all workers are protected against recognized workplace hazards, regardless of what language they speak. 

Stonehouse Signs can create Custom Bilingual Signs and Foreign Language Signs in many languages, with either your provided translation, or with our translation services (available for many commonly-used languages.) Two recent examples of Custom Bilingual Signs/Foreign Language Signs that showcase our capabilities are a Custom Bilingual Restricted Area Sign for the military, and a Custom Foreign Language Workplace Sign for a U.S. facility.

For the military, we produced a Custom Restricted Area Sign in both English and Spanish. The sign was to be installed outdoors on a fence and needed to be highly visible; so we created a large 48”x24” sign on durable .080 aluminum with a high intensity reflective finish to make it visible both day and night. The sign included the following message, in both English and Spanish, to ensure visitors fully understand the restricted area compliance measures: “Warning Restricted Area: This (Installation, Activity, Etc.) Has Been Declared A Restricted Area By Authority Of The Commander In Accordance With The Provisions Of The Directive Issued By The Secretary Of Defense, Pursuant To The Provisions Of Section 21, Internal Security Act Of 1960. Unauthorized Entry Is Prohibited. All Persons And Vehicles Entering Herein Are Liable To Search. Photographing Or Making Notes, Drawings, Maps, Or Graphic Representations Of This Area Or Its Activities Are Prohibited Unless Specifically Authorized By The Commander. Any Such Material Found In The Possession Of Unauthorized Persons Will Be Confiscated.”

Stonehouse Signs Custom Military Bilingual Restricted Area Sign Stonehouse Signs Custom Military Bilingual Restricted Area Sign


We also recently produced a Custom Somali Sign for a U.S. workplace. The sign was made of .040 aluminum, 11” x 17” in size, with yellow and black print, and communicated an important workplace safety/compliance message in Somali: “Do not go to your workstation until you have clocked in. Do not clock out until you have left your tools and PPE at your workstation.”

Stonehouse Signs Custom Foreign Language Signs Somali Sign Stonehouse Signs Custom Foreign Language Signs Somali Sign


Make sure all workers and facility visitors can read and understand your signs with Stonehouse Signs’ Custom Bilingual Signs and Foreign Language Signs. Contact an Account Manager with questions or to order. We also offer many commonly used English-Spanish Signs on our website, including Spanish Smoking Signs, Spanish Equipment Signs and Spanish Fire Safety Signs. And we also can produce Custom Bilingual Patient Room Boards for hospitals and other medical facilities.

Since its founding in 1863, Stonehouse Signs has produced high-quality visual communications solutions for various industries and the government. The company specializes in custom products for safety, information and accident prevention, and manufactures a full line of safety signs and facility signssafety tags, vinyl safety decals, and custom magnetic whiteboards designed for extended outdoor life, harsh environments and demanding applications. For more information contact Stonehouse Signs today.

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