Custom Facility Signs for Brewery

For MillerCoors Brewery in Golden, Colorado, a long history of a “passion for brewing” is central to the company’s identity. However, successful workplace organization and safety is just as important for the successful brewer. To that end, Stonehouse Signs has been providing custom facility, informational and safety signs to MillerCoors for many years. And our most recent project for MillerCoors was a great example of some of the custom signs we’ve produced for them over the years, and that we can produce for any workplace looking for custom signage.

Stonehouse Signs Custom Facility Signs Stonehouse Signs Custom Facility Signs

The most recent project consisted of 18 different custom facility signs for the Golden Malting facility. The custom signs included a mix of informational floor signs, rules and map signs for the weld shop, and emergency evacuation meeting point signs. All signs were produced with the company’s signature blue background and white text and included the Golden Malting logo at the top for a consistent, uniform look.

Stonehouse Signs Custom Facility Signs Stonehouse Signs Custom Facility Signs


MillerCoors had an extremely tight timeline for the project, and Stonehouse was able to deliver all the needed signs within their time requirements. All signs were produced and ready to be picked up within 5 business days, which was a great help to the company. “We have just now started catching our collective breath after last week,” said John Garvin, the Process Leader at the Golden Malting Plant. “Hopefully things won't be such a rush moving forward. Customer service you guys provide is great. Thanks for your service.”

Stonehouse Signs Custom Facility Signs Stonehouse Signs Custom Facility Signs


If you need custom safety or facility signs for your workplace, contact Stonehouse Signs today. 

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