Custom Historical Marker for Local Museum

As a 150 year old company, Stonehouse Signs is always pleased to partner with organizations that help preserve history. So when a local Colorado heritage center needed a historical marker sign for their new exhibit, Stonehouse Signs was happy to help, and the center was thrilled with the end result!

Stonehouse Signs Custom Historical Marker Signage

The heritage center wanted a historical marker sign that explained their new exhibit, a 1950s era hotel that originally stood on West Colfax Avenue. The center had the structure moved to their property for restoration and preservation, and wanted a sign that explained the history of the hotel and its significance in Colorado history.

To that end, Stonehouse Signs worked with the center to create a unique sign that met all of their needs! The large arch-shaped sign was produced on our durable LxSign material with a clear topcoat to make it extremely durable, since the sign was to be installed outdoors and subjected to weather year round. The large size of the sign, 26” x 32”, helped accommodate several paragraphs of text explaining the hotel’s history. And by digitally printing the sign, Stonehouse Signs was able to match the colors of the center’s existing signage, as well as include several full color photos on the sign, helping to explain the hotel’s evolution. All of this was accomplished on a tight timeline, as the center needed to install the sign in time for the grand opening of the exhibit.

Stonehouse Signs Custom Historical Marker Sign Stonehouse Signs Custom Historical Marker Sign
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Stonehouse Signs was able to deliver exactly what the center needed in time, and they were very pleased with the finished result! They said:

“The sign was simply fantastic!  Our grand opening event went well and was attended by the city’s mayor and three of the city council members, along with hundreds of other folks.  We were super pleased with how the sign looks and… will definitely use your services again.  Please thank your designer for his patience in dealing with all of our change requests – I felt as if we put him through the wringer! Wonderful job, all the way around!  Thanks again for all your help… you were wonderful to work with!”

Do you need Custom Signs for your project? Contact Stonehouse Signs for historical markers and other interpretive signs. We promise to deliver amazing results!

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