Custom Metal A-Frame FPCON Signs

FPCON Signs are a vital component of American military installation security. According to the Department of Defense, “The FPCON is the principal means through which commanders apply an operational decision on how to best guard against the terrorist threat. These FPCON measures assist commanders in reducing the risks of terrorist attacks and other security threats to DoD personnel, units, and activities.” They continue, “Upon declaration of an FPCON level, all listed security measures for that FPCON level are to be implemented immediately.” With an immediate and coordinated response needed, many facilities rely on FPCON Signs to communicate to personnel and visiting civilians the current FPCON level and related security measures in place.

Stonehouse Signs Custom Metal A-Frame FPCON SignsStonehouse Signs produces FPCON Signs in various sizes, materials and other custom requirements for military installations around the world. Although many facilities use our standard FPCON Signs, some have custom requirements, such as a recent request from a branch of the National Guard.

The National Guard branch recently requested FPCON Signs from Stonehouse Signs with a couple unique requirements: they had to be a specific size, free standing, and dual sided. They also needed the signs to be easy to move and transport. The request was for two sets: a set of Real World FPCON Signs and a set of Exercise FPCON Signs.

Stonehouse Signs was able to produce Custom Metal A-Frame FPCON Signs for the Guard that met all of their requirements. The signs were made in an 24” x 18” size on 20 gauge steel, and could be folded flat to allow them to be easily transported. The printed design met FPCON Sign requirements, including the approved colors and wording for the various FPCON threat levels. And the signs were double sided, so the FPCON threat level was visible from two directions.

If you need Custom A-Frame Signs or FPCON Signs, contact Stonehouse Signs today. We guarantee we’ll find a solution to your visual communication need that meets your specific requirements!

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