Custom Reflective Double Parking Sign

Who doesn’t love a two-for-one? Make installing your parking signs simpler and easier with Stonehouse Signs’ Custom Double Parking Signs. With our Custom Double Parking Signs, you get the look of two different parking signs in one easy-to-install design – the signs come with one set of center holes, making it easy to install your sign on one post.

Recently we created a Custom Double Parking Sign that shows just how useful these parking signs can be! The custom sign was made on high-intensity reflective .080 aluminum. The right side sign, printed in red with a red border, states “No Parking Any Time Fire Lane Tow Away Zone” with a right arrow. The left side sign, printed in green with a green border, states “Loading Only All Other Times” with a left arrow. This single sign design clearly spells out parking rules for vehicles, and allows for less installation and maintenance time. And our Custom Double Parking Signs can be customized with any message you need to convey. We’ve also made versions that indicate street sweeping restrictions, parking hours restrictions, and more. 

Stonehouse Signs Custom Double Parking Sign Reflective Stonehouse Signs Custom Reflective Parking Sign MUTCD Compliant


Stonehouse Signs’ Custom Double Parking Signs can be made on several materials, including our MUTCD-compliant High Intensity Reflective material, which reflects approximately three times more light than our engineer grade reflective sheeting and boasts an impressive ten year outdoor life.

If you are interested in our Custom Double Parking Signs, contact Stonehouse Signs today. You can also browse our selection of Parking Signs and MUTCD Signs online.

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