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Stonehouse Signs has been a member of the Colorado business community for over 100 years. So we’re always excited when we have the opportunity to help other Colorado businesses with their custom sign needs. Recently, our close neighbor contacted us to produce a custom outdoor business sign for their Arvada location, and we were thrilled to be able to work with them to produce a beautiful sign that met their specific needs.

Stonehouse Signs Custom Outdoor Business Sign

The local business, which is a storage facility for boats, RVs and other large recreational equipment, had very specific needs for their custom sign. “First let me say that I was really happy with the new sign since what I was asking for was a six foot wide copy of our letterhead,” said Monty Pucella, owner of the business. “This is a full color print of a guy fishing in a mountain stream.” Mr. Pucella intended to mount the sign outdoors near the entrance to his storage facility, between two existing brick posts, so sign size and durability were both critical. Plus Mr. Pucella wanted eye-catching graphics and colors to draw attention to his business. To that end, Stonehouse Signs created two full-color digitally printed signs, 62.5” wide, and printed on heavy gauge aluminum. The signs were finished with a durable top coating to help them resist the often-unpredictable Colorado elements and keep their vivid color. Producing two of the same sign allowed Mr. Pucella to install them back-to-back so they are visible from either side of the road in front of his business.

Stonehouse Signs Custom Business Sign Stonehouse Signs Custom Outdoor Signs


Mr. Pucella was not only pleased with the finished product, but also with Stonehouse Signs’ sign design process as well. Since what he wanted was a copy of his existing letterhead, Mr. Pucella submitted his own artwork to Stonehouse Signs. “I submitted the artwork and right away I was contacted and told I might want to review the artwork. Sure enough something was wrong and you guys spotted it and prevented a real mess.” He continues, “The signs look great even within a couple of feet so you bet they also look great from the street. Thanks for a great job in a very short time.”

If you need a custom sign for your business, contact Stonehouse Signs today. We’ll work with you to create a custom business sign you’ll be proud of. 

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