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The summer season ushers in sunny days and warmer temps, but also some less desirable weather – hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and more. Flooding in particular is dangerous – in fact, with the increase of flooding deaths in the last three years, more deaths occurred from flooding than from lightning, hurricane, and tornadoes combined.  The reason flooding is so dangerous, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA,) is “People underestimate the force and power of water. It is NEVER safe to drive or walk into flood waters.” It takes only 12 -24 inches to carry away most vehicles, and only six inches to knock over an adult in flood water.

Turn Around Don’t Drown Signs can be used as temporary or permanent indicators that the way ahead is or may be flooded, and if there is water you should not enter the flooded area by foot or in a vehicle. According to the NOAA, these signs should comply with MUTCD / FHA standards for size, color and more. For example, the yellow diamond warning sign, shown below, “complies with Federal Highway Administration (FHA) standards and is intended for deployment as a permanent road sign. Warning signs alert drivers of a possible danger ahead, such as when it may be necessary to slow down and stop, or a road hazard or special situation may be ahead. The "When Flooded, Turn Around Don't Drown" warning sign should be deployed at locations where the incidence of flooding is high, the onset of flooding is rapid, and/or it is not practical to deploy incident signs in a timely manner.”

Stonehouse Signs Custom Flood Signs Turn Around Dont Drown Signs

Recently Stonehouse Signs produced Turn Around Don’t Drown Signs for a government agency in Maryland. The 30”x30” signs were produced on high intensity reflective .080 aluminum, for maximum low-light visibility. The signs were the standard diamond shape, yellow background with black text, and read “When Flooded Turn Around Don’t Drown” – the standard format for permanent warning signs as described above. 

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