Denver Cracks Down on Handicap Parking Violations

The City and County of Denver is getting serious about handicap parking enforcement. Based on the results of a recent report by the Denver Audit Services Division, the city included money (approximately $200,000) in the 2017 budget to fund disability parking enforcement. The city plans to start an increased enforcement of handicap parking violators starting January 1st, 2017. Prior to this budget change, disability parking enforcement in Denver relied on volunteers to write tickets for handicap parking violators.

Stonehouse Signs Handicap Parking Only SignThe budgeted money will fund, among other things, three new dedicated enforcement agent positions, tasked with ticketing individuals and businesses that are not compliant with the law. The report found that “65 percent of… parking lots we reviewed are not fully compliant with standards for accessible parking spaces as established by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA.)” Complying with the handicap parking laws of the ADA include a number of requirements, including having a set number of handicap parking spaces based on the total number of spaces in the lot, having a van-accessible parking space if the lot is large enough, properly maintaining handicap parking spaces with visible Handicap Parking Signage and painted markings, and having wide enough access aisles. Prior to the budget increase, the city required businesses to prove ADA compliance for new construction, however there was no on-going monitoring program to ensure continued compliance. However, with the addition of the new agent positions, the city hopes to consistently monitor businesses to ensure handicap parking compliance is maintained to ADA standards.

For Denver business owners and property managers, now is the time to make sure your parking lot is ADA compliant, including making sure your lot is properly maintained with the required Handicap Parking Signs. “A properly maintained parking lot includes proper signage indicating which parking spaces are reserved for use by individuals with disabilities,” states the report. “These spaces and adjacent access aisles must be properly marked in accordance with ADA standards, recognizable by the International Symbol of Accessibility stenciled on the ground. This symbol consists of a blue square with a white outline of a person in a wheelchair.” Stonehouse Signs, a Denver-area sign company, has all of the Handicap Parking Signs you need to meet compliance. We even offer same-day pickup on some of our most popular in-stock Handicap Parking Signs, plus posts and other accessories needed to complete your project. For more information, or to place your Handicap Parking Signs order, contact Stonehouse Signs today.

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