Distracted Driving Awareness Month 2018

Each April Stonehouse Signs, as a founding member of the National Safety Council (NSC) and a committed safety product expert as a sign and tag manufacturer, recognizes Distracted Driving Month. As reported by the NSC, motor vehicle fatalities are up 6 percent from 2015 – and “Each death is 100% preventable. Cell phones to dashboard infotainment systems to evolving voice command features, all pose a threat to our safety. Just one second of your attention is it all takes to change a life forever.” With the ongoing threat of distracted driving only increasing due to the continued widespread use of electronic devices, the theme of this year’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month is to ignore the devices and “Just Drive.”

Car crashes caused by distracted driving are a widespread societal problem, and also a problem for workplaces. Vehicle accidents and collisions are the number one cause of workplace death, accounting for nearly 40 percent of all workplace fatalities according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And that doesn’t account for the accidents that occur during worker’s commutes to and from their workplace.

Employers can help reduce distracted driving by bringing awareness to the issue and setting policies for their workers to reduce on-the-job incidents. Cell phones are one of the biggest hazards when it comes to distracted driving – it has been shown that drivers using cell phones while driving, even hands-free models, are four times more likely to crash than other drivers. And in some instances, companies have been held liable for workers who caused accidents while using cell phones.

Stonehouse Signs No Cell Phone Use While Driving SignsTo counter this trend, the NSC recommends employers include the following items in their company policy on cell phone use:

  • The cell phone policy should cover all employees, no exceptions.
  • The policy should specify it includes both handheld and hands-free devices, as hands-free devices have been proven to be no safer
  • The policy should cover all company vehicles, and education should occur regarding personal vehicles as well. (For company vehicles, we recommend No Texting/No Cell Phone Decals to provide a visual reminder of your policies.)
  • The policy should emphasize no work-related communication should be done while driving, no matter if workers are using company or personal equipment.

The NSC also emphasized that for companies that instituted distracted driving policies banning cell phone use, there was minimal productivity loss – only 1 percent of employers saw a productivity decrease, which compared to saving a life or preventing an accident is extremely minimal.

We hope your company has a safe and productive Distracted Driving Awareness Month this April. For more information on distracted driving, visit our other articles on this topic:

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