New Polyester Tag Material

Stonehouse Signs would like to introduce our brand new line of 4.7 mil polyester paper tag material.  Its modest price point and excellent product specifications make it the perfect alternative to other tear-resistant materials in the market today! 

Stonehouse Signs Polyester Tag Material


Technical Advantages:

  • High White Color (92 based on the ISO 11475 Standard)

  • High Opacity (95 based on the ISO 2471 Standard)

  • High Tensile Strength (15 MD kgf/mm2 & 17 MD gf/mm2 based on the ASTM D882-83 Standard)

  • Dimensionally stable over a wide range of temperatures (-20 to 120 degrees C)


Application Advantages:

  • Excellent outdoor weathering performance

  • Tear Resistant

  • Withstands Heat & Cold

  • Waterproof

  • Resistant to seawater, oil and sterilization chemicals

  • Can be written on with most pens or pencils

  • Can be die-cut into custom shapes if required

You can view our full line of Safety Tags here, or Contact an Account Manager for pricing, current production times or to request a material sample

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