Just Drive: Distracted Driving Month 2017

Each April, Stonehouse Signs recognizes Distracted Driving Month. As a committed safety sign and tag manufacturer and a founding member of the National Safety Council (NSC), we agree that preventing distracted driving, both in the workplace and out, is an important way to reduce the number of driving accidents, injuries and deaths. Studies have shown that drivers who use electronic devices while driving, both handheld (like cell phones) or hands free (like in-dash systems), fail to see 50 percent of their surroundings. And despite growing public awareness, distracted driving deaths increased in 2015, to over 3,400 deaths attributed to distracted driving.

Stonehouse Signs No Cell Phone Use While Driving SignFor Distracted Driving Month 2017, the NSC’s message is Just Drive. They are encouraging all drivers to have a zero tolerance approach to all-to-common driving dangers, such as driving while using cell phones or other electronic devices, while eating or drinking, or while impaired. As part of Just Drive, the NSC is leading awareness campaigns on the following aspects of distracted driving:

  • Multitasking is a Myth: Humans cannot do two things at the same time and do both well – we are just not wired that way. So driving and using a cell phone, even a hands free device, at the same time means you aren’t doing either task to the best of your abilities, which is dangerous when you’re operating a 3,000 pound machine. Studies have shown that even using a cell phone while stopped at a red light keeps drivers distracted up to 27 seconds after they stop using the device. Bottom line – there is no safe way to multitask while driving.
  • Cell Phone Crashes Are Under-Reported: Currently there is no method to accurately report how often cell phone use is a contributing cause to driving accidents or fatalities. That is important because determining the scope of the issue is one of the first steps toward solving it, and because government programs, funding, legislation and more all hinge on the data that show an issue is a public safety problem. For drivers or employers, the key takeaway is that cell phone use while driving is dangerous, even if crash data statistics haven’t accurately recorded just how dangerous it is yet.
  • There Is No Safe Way To Use a Cell Phone While Driving: Even today, hands-free cell phone devices are marketed as a safer alternative to handhold devices. And that is simply not true. The danger is in the distraction, and any cell phone use distracts your brain from the task of safe driving.

Employers can also take a stand on distracted driving by implementing a no cell phone use while driving policy for their workers. In published case studies, employees often report that after a no cell phone use while driving policy was implemented, they felt relieved from pressure to make or take business calls or texts while driving, and felt it made their entire drive safer and less stressful. Recognizing the role employers can play in preventing distracted driving, Stonehouse Signs released a line of No Cell Phone Use / No Texting Signs last month. These signs can be installed inside company cars (vinyl labels/decals) or on company property to help reinforce your safe driving policies.

We hope you have a safe and productive Distracted Driving Month! For more information on distracted driving, visit our other distracted driving pages:

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