March is Ladder Safety Month

One foot in front of the other – easy right? Not so fast. Each year over 300 people die and thousands are injured in ladder-related incidents. And “Ladders” has been an OSHA most-cited violation for the last several years, landing at the sixth-most cited violation spot in 2017. This March is Ladder Safety Month, which makes it the perfect time to focus on ladder safety at your facility.

The goal of Ladder Safety Month is to "bring heightened awareness to the importance of the safe use of ladders through resources, training and a national dialogue." Workplaces looking to promote ladder safety can implement the following steps recommended by OSHA to ensure safe usage:

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    Ensure your ladders are OSHA-compliant – ladder design, including rungs, steps, etc. are regulated by OSHA.

  • Always inspect ladders prior to using, to ensure there are no visible defects and they are free of oil, grease, and other slipping hazards.
  • Tag any ladder with structural or other defects with an OSHA-compliant Do Not Use Tag and remove from use until repaired.
  • Use ladders for their designated purpose only, and don’t overload ladders beyond their stated capacity.
  • Try only to use ladders on stable, level surfaces, and take extra care to secure ladders when needed for use in less safe areas – doorways, driveways, passageways, or on slippery surfaces.
  • Once set up, do not move, shift, or extend ladders while in use.
  • Always climb up and down facing the ladder with your hand and/or hands firmly grasping the rungs or side.
  • Do not climb the ladder holding items that can cause loss of balance or falling. 
  • When not in use, store ladders securely where they won’t pose a tripping hazard.

For more ladder safety information, OSHA 1910.23 covers general ladder safety requirements, and there are other OSHA regulations that cover specific requirements for certain industries, such as construction.

This March, take time to recognize ladder safety as an important part of your workplace safety program, and help train safer workers. And if you need standard or custom ladder safety signs or tags, contact Stonehouse Signs today.

Since its founding in 1863, Stonehouse Signs has produced high-quality visual communications solutions for various industries and the government. The company specializes in custom products for safety, information and accident prevention, and manufactures a full line of safety signs and facility signssafety tags, vinyl safety decals, and custom magnetic whiteboards designed for extended outdoor life, harsh environments and demanding applications. For more information contact Stonehouse Signs today.

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