New ANSI Guidelines for Ski Lift Signs

ANSI, with guidance from the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA,) has released an updated version of ANSI B77.1 – Annex D for the 2017/2018 ski season. This ANSI standard regulates required signs posted at ski areas, including ropeway/lift signs and informative signs.

Although many required ski signs remained the same from the ANSI B77.1-2011 edition of the standard, there was one significant ski signage change. The Prepare To Unload Raise Bar Sign, which was considered compliant under the 2011 version of the standards, is now being phased out in favor of a two-sign system: Prepare To Unload and Raise Restraint Device Signs. According to the ANSI B77.1-2017 Annex D standard, Prepare To Unload Signs should be used to communicate to ropeway users “that they are approaching a disembarking area and should be ready” and should be posted “ahead of the unloading area.” Raise Restraint Device Signs should be used to communicate to ropeway users only if applicable, to “remind passengers to raise the bar just before unloading.” They should be posted “immediately before the unload area, or at the vicinity of the approaching ramp” (with some exceptions.)

Stonehouse Signs Prepare To Unload Raise Bar Sign

ANSI B77.1 Annex D
2011 Standard

Stonehouse Signs Prepare To Unload Sign

ANSI B77.1 Annex D
2017 Standard

Stonehouse Signs Raise Restraint Device Sign

ANSI B77.1 Annex D
2017 Standard


To be compliant with the new ANSI B77.1-2017 standard, all ski areas must replace any old Prepare To Unload Raise Bar Signs with the newer approved sign designs where required. While the deadline to comply with the new standard and post new signs varies by state, replacing your signs prior to the upcoming 2017/2018 ski season ensures you will be in compliance with the new ANSI standards.

Stonehouse Signs is your source for ANSI-compliant Ski Lift Signs and Custom Ski Signs. As a member of the NSAA for over 10 years, we know how important it is for ski areas to be in compliance and keep their guests safe. You can view and buy ANSI-compliant signs on our website, or contact a Stonehouse Signs Account Manager with questions, if you need a sign you don’t see online, or if you require a Custom Ski Sign solution.

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