New Wyoming Ski Safety Act Sign Now Available

Is Your Resort Compliant with the Newly Enacted Wyoming Ski Safety Act?

Attention Wyoming ski areas: officially enacted in July 2017, the Wyoming Ski Safety Act requires Wyoming ski areas to post signs at all resort ticket sales locations notifying skiers of their duties. The signs need to be posted by the opening of the 2017/2018 ski season for ski areas to be compliant with the new law. The NSAA has approved a one-sign design to comply with the new law, and it is available now through Stonehouse Signs

Duties Imposed On Skiers Under Wyoming Law SignThe new sign was developed by the NSAA, with assistance from a Wyoming ski resort defense attorney. The sign reads: Duties Imposed On Skiers Under Wyoming Law - Warning: Under Wyoming Law, 1) a skier assumes the inherent risks of skiing and is legally responsible for damage, injury or death to person or property that results from the inherent risks of skiing. 2) a skier can also be held legally responsible for injury or damage to others resulting from the skier's own negligent conduct. 3) skiers also have the responsibility to observe and comply with all closures, posted information, and other signs and warnings.

Stonehouse Signs has the new Wyoming Ski Safety Act Sign available for purchase online. The sign is available in a 24” x 36” size to ensure readability and compliance, and can be ordered online in aluminum, LxSign or PolySign material. Stonehouse Signs can also accommodate custom requests, so if you need a custom size, color or material, contact one of our Account Managers for pricing and ordering.

Stonehouse Signs is also your source for all your ski sign needs, including NSAA and ANSI-compliant signs, including: 

For more information about our products, or to order your ski signs, contact Stonehouse Signs today.

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