New Year’s Safety Resolutions

Stonehouse Signs Happy 2018Do you make a New Year’s Resolution? "For many people, this is generally a time of year when there is reflection about how their year has gone, and what they’re looking forward to in the coming year," Jane Ehrman, a behavioral health specialist at the Wellness Institute of Cleveland Clinic, told CBS News. "It’s also a time for people to check in with themselves and see what they can improve on in the coming year."

While many of us make personal resolutions for the New Year, doesn’t it also make sense to set some business resolutions as well? With the cold, wet weather, shorter, darker days and potential worker fatigue after the holidays, now is a great time to re-focus on safety and organization to help keep workers safe and energized through 2018. Workplace injuries have been shown to increase during and after the winter holidays, so by focusing on safety in the New Year you can help prevent worker injuries.

To set your workplace safety resolution, a great place to start is with OSHA’s Most Cited Violations 2017. Does your workplace need a refresher on any of these common safety violations? Year after year, the same issues make the list, so if you’re looking to set a safety resolution the most frequent safety issues is a great place to start.

You could also evaluate your workplace winter readiness, and take proactive steps to prevent common winter weather injuries like slips, trips and falls. Or evaluate some of the common safety issues workplaces face during the holidays to ensure you fix any potential issues in 2018.  

Still not sure where to start? You can browse Stonehouse Signs’ past articles on common safety dangers or workplace safety trends to get inspired to set your workplace goals. And if you need safety signs, tags, or custom dry erase boards to help you meet your safety goals, our Account Managers can help you select or design a product that meets your specific needs.

Here’s to a safe and healthy 2018!

Since its founding in 1863, Stonehouse Signs has produced high-quality visual communications solutions for various industries and the government. The company specializes in custom products for safety, information and accident prevention, and manufactures a full line of safety signs and facility signssafety tags, vinyl safety decals, and custom magnetic whiteboards designed for extended outdoor life, harsh environments and demanding applications. For more information contact Stonehouse Signs today.

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