New Custom Signs for Riverfront Trail

The city of Petaluma, located in Sonoma County in Northern California, has been working to revitalize their riverfront and adjacent trail areas for many years. The recent revitalization effort have taken off, and the city’s vision for a 7.5 mile long interconnected network of trails with launch spots for kayaks, paddleboards, and other recreational water vehicles; a community boat house; a rental center; outdoor artwork; and scenic river overlooks is becoming a reality. And Stonehouse Signs was able to help produce part of their vision.

Image of Stonehouse Signs Custom Baked Enamel Sign for Petaluma Water Ways

Stonehouse recently produced 100 custom signs to mark the Petaluma Water Ways trail. The signs, which were designed by Starbird Creative, a Sonoma company, were created to incorporate the mixed use development of the trail. The blue and white round markers have visuals representing all the uses of the waterways trail: the scenic nature overlooks, the bike and walking trails, and access for personal watercraft. The signs are Stonehouse’s signature baked enamel product, which gives them an excellent outdoor product life (about 10 years), great color retention, abrasion/impact resistance, and a wonderful combination of sturdiness and flexibility perfect for the unpredictable outdoor conditions.

Stonehouse was able to deliver the signs to Petaluma in January, in time to install the markers for the spring/summer season, and Petaluma was thrilled with the results. Said Susan Starbird, of Starbird creative:

“I'm back from my trip and just saw the trail markers for the first time yesterday.  THANK YOU Stefany [Graphic Designer at Starbird] and Pat [Account Manager at Stonehouse Signs] for this terrific result. I'm hearing nothing but positive feedback about the design and the production. I hope you are pleased as well. A group of local Rotarians is making plans to install them as soon as we can get everyone scheduled.  When that happens I'll make sure it gets publicized.  They are really going to look snazzy in situ; I was in one of the parks yesterday and especially with the drought the background colors are very dull and the blue-and-white will really pop. Thanks again, Susan.”

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