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A new ski safety initiative, developed by the National Ski Areas Association and the parents of the victim of a tragic accident, is rolling out to ski resorts this season, with hopes to change ski safety culture to be more proactive in preventing accidents.

Stonehouse Signs Custom Ski Safety Sign RideAnotherDay SignThe #RideAnotherDay campaign was unfortunately formed out of a tragedy. Elise Johnson, 5 years old, was killed on Christmas Eve 2010 while skiing a run with her mom, Kelli. A snowboarder going at high speed slammed into mom and daughter on the run, instantly killing himself and Elise, and severely injuring Kelli. The severity of the tragedy was unprecedented, and the Johnsons and NSAA are working together to make sure it stays that way, highlighting how to prevent another senseless accident in the #RideAnotherDay campaign.

The #RideAnotherDay campaign hopes to round out the work ski areas already do in promoting skier safety by highlighting an individual’s responsibility for maintaining a safe environment. "Up until now, for the most part in the ski industry, you have a lot of still pictures and signage that reminds us to be safe, but I don't know that to this point that there's been a specific campaign that actually brings the reality of what happens when things go wrong to light,” said Chauncy Johnson, husband to Kelli and father of Elise, in a Colorado Public Radio interview. “To be able to get people's attention and help them look at this little girl, my daughter, the young man that was riding a snowboard, this could be your brother, it could be your daughter, it could be your sister, it could be your mom, just resonates at a different level." The campaign’s goal is to foster an atmosphere of safe enjoyment of the sport, personal responsibility for the safety of yourself and others, and proactively addressing unsafe behavior at ski areas.  

As part of the campaign, the NSAA has released a print campaign that can be used at ski areas to promote the #RideAnotherDay message. The graphic features the image of a snow angel, with the text stating “She Was 5. You Were Doing 50.” and concluding “Safe Skiing Saves Lives.”

For more information on the #RideAnotherDay campaign, visit the NSAA’s Collision Safety Page.

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