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Wed, 2017-04-19
Stonehouse Signs Custom Bilingual Signs and Foreign Language Signs
It is estimated that there are over 6,000 different languages spoken around the world. In the United States alone, there are approximately 350 different languages spoken according to the U.S. Census Bureau, with Spanish, Chinese (including Cantonese and Mandarin) and French/French Creole spoken by... Read Full Story
Wed, 2017-03-29
Stonehouse Signs Custom Outdoor Sign
Some signs stand the test of time – and some, noticeably, don’t. At Stonehouse Signs, one of our goals is to make the highest-quality, longest-lasting signs that will look great for years. Occasionally we’ll get customers that come in with signs they’ve bought elsewhere that just didn’t hold up as... Read Full Story
Tue, 2017-02-21
Stonehouse Signs Custom Digitally Printed Metal Map Sign
For Chicago Skydiving Center (CSC) leaping out of an airplane isn’t only about the thrill – it’s also making sure participants stay safe. In fact, it’s part of their company culture – they proudly declare on their website they were awarded “Best Safety Culture” by Blue Skies Magazine. So when CSC... Read Full Story
Wed, 2016-04-06
Stonehouse Signs Distracted Driving Month Buckle Up And Drive Carefully Sign
Each April, Stonehouse Signs, as a committed safety sign and tag manufacturer and a founding member of the National Safety Council (NSC), recognizes Distracted Driving Month. It is estimated that in 2014, distracted driving killed over 3,100 people in the U.S. Distracted Driving Month is designed... Read Full Story
Thu, 2016-03-24
Stonehouse Signs Safety Sign Be Careful Dont Try To Lift More Than You Are Able
While headlines of Zika and Ebola have dominated news reports in the last year, one of the most pervasive health issues is so common that one in every two adults has symptoms. As we previously reported, musculoskeletal injuries accounted for 33 percent of all work related illness and injury cases... Read Full Story
Mon, 2016-02-01
Stonehouse Signs Danger Hot Do Not Touch Sign
The first week each February is designated as Burn Awareness Week. Although many burn prevention resources focus on burns in the home, they are also a safety issue in the workplace. The American Burn Association estimates that in 2015 there were 486,000 burn injuries that received medical attention... Read Full Story
Mon, 2015-12-14
Stonehouse Signs Holiday Hazards Ahead Danger Tag
Most employers are already aware of workplace safety risks associated with the summer or winter season, such as dehydration risk when working in heat or slip and fall risk when working in icy conditions. But what they may not be aware of are the specific workplace safety risks that occur during the... Read Full Story
Mon, 2015-10-05
Stonehouse Signs Recognizes Fire Prevention Week
In 1871, the Great Chicago Fire ripped through the city of Chicago, killing 250 people, destroying more than 17,000 structures, and leaving 100,000 people homeless. Forty years after that tragic event, as a way to recognize efforts to promote fire safety, Fire Prevention Week was declared. And... Read Full Story
Tue, 2015-07-21
Stonehouse Signs Summer Worker Safety
Can the time of year affect your chance of being injured or killed? Yes, according to the National Safety Council (NSC,) and we’re in the highest-risk season right now. While there are always recognized hazards associated with each season (such as icy conditions in winter, or storm season in the... Read Full Story
Wed, 2015-05-27
Stonehouse Signs Custom Sign for Local Business
Stonehouse Signs has been a member of the Colorado business community for over 100 years. So we’re always excited when we have the opportunity to help other Colorado businesses with their custom sign needs. Recently, our close neighbor contacted us to produce a custom outdoor business sign for... Read Full Story