Study: Smoke-Free Workplaces Help Workers Quit

A study on tobacco use among working adults, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, showed that while overall tobacco use among working adults has decreased, certain tobacco product use actually increased, and use is more prevalent in certain industries. 

The study examined tobacco use among working adults from 2014 to 2016, to determine if there were trends in tobacco use. Some key findings include:  

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    Among the estimated 242 million working adults during that time, 22.1%, or 32.7 million workers, reported using tobacco products “every day” or “some days.” Of those:

    • 15.4% used cigarettes
    • 5.8% used other combustible tobacco products, such as cigars, pipes or hookahs
    • 3.6% used e-cigarettes
    • 3.0% used smokeless tobacco
    • And 4.6% used two or more tobacco products.
  • Although cigarette smoking among working adults decreased in recent years, use of alternate tobacco products, such as e-cigarettes, have increased.
  • Tobacco use was highest among men, non-Hispanic whites, persons aged 18-34 years old, those with a high school education or less, those with no health insurance, those living below the federal poverty level, and those living in the Midwest.

Furthermore, the study found that there was a correlation between industry/occupation and tobacco use. They found that tobacco use was highest for workers in installation, maintenance, and repair occupations, with 37.2% of workers in that industry using tobacco; and the construction industry, with 34.3% of workers in that industry using tobacco. The study also found that cigarette and e-cigarette smoking was particularly high in the food services industry, and smokeless tobacco use was high in the mining industry.

The study concluded that while interventions to reduce cigarette smoking specifically have been effective, further efforts are needed to combat the increased use of alternate tobacco products. Strategies that are proven effective to reduce tobacco use include comprehensive smoke-free policies, including smoke-free workplace policies, increased access to cessation services, and marketing campaigns.

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