Large Outdoor Ski Map Signs

Stonehouse Signs specializes in providing 100% Custom Signs to your exact specifications. Early in the ski season this year, Telluride Ski Resort asked Stonehouse to create a series of large format signs for a freestanding display that is located at the base of the mountain. 

As always, Stonehouse delivered - Lightning Fast. Here is the final concept for the signs we printed for this Telluride project.  They provided the artwork, and we did the rest!  

Large Digitally Printed Signs for Ski Resort

Each sign is extremely detailed, and every image is crisp and clear, from the texture of the snow to the trail names on the map

Let's take a closer look at some of the detail Stonehouse Signs can incorporate into your large format outdoor sign

Scroll over the circles below to learn more about each particular area, and click within the circle to zoom in and see the amazing detail that Stonehouse can produce for any outdoor large format sign.

The map pictured here was 8 feet wide x 4 feet tall!

Stonehouse Signs Digitally Printed Mountain Map

Source: Telluride Ski Resort

Are you looking for a detailed, durable outdoor sign? Choose Stonehouse Signs for your sign printing: 

  • Indoor or Outdoor Materials Available
  • Any Size or Dimension
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