Why Workers Don't Wear PPE

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can save a worker's life - if they use it. However, in a web survey conducted by Kimberly-Clark Professional, 69% of respondents said the primary cause of PPE non-compliance was because workers think personal protection equipment was not required.

Sustainable Plant also explored the issue, and found some other reasons workers cited for non-PPE use, plus some suggestions to increase PPE compliance. These included: 

  • The “most challenging” PPE category was eye protection - and nearly 3 out of 5 workers who experienced eye injuries were found not to be wearing eye protection at the time of the accident or were wearing the wrong kind of eye protection for the job.
  • The next highest category of non-compliance was hearing protection - and occupational noise-induced hearing loss is 100 percent preventable when proper measures are implemented.
  • To encourage greater PPE compliance, the top strategies included:

    o  Improving existing education and training programs
    o  Increased monitoring of employees
    o  Purchasing more comfortable PPE
    o  Tying compliance to individual performance evaluations
    o  Purchasing more stylish PPE
    o  Developing incentive programs

For the training program component, Stonehouse Signs offers a range of PPE Signs to remind workers to wear proper PPE and encourage overall PPE compliance. These include: 

Stonehouse Signs Eye Protection PPE Signs Danger Safety Glasses Required In This Area

Eye Protection PPE Signs

Stonhouse Signs Ear Protection PPE Signs Caution Ear Protection Required In This Area English-Spanish Sign

Hearing Protection PPE Signs

Stonehouse Signs Face-Head PPE Signs Notice Hard Hats Must Be Worn In This Area

Face/Head Protection PPE Signs

Stonehouse Signs Respirator PPE Signs Caution Wear Your Respirator

Respirator PPE Signs

Stonehouse Signs Hand-Foot PPE Signs Safety First Safety Glasses, Safety Shoes and Hard Hats Required Beyond This Point

Hand/Foot Protection PPE Signs

Stonehouse Signs Lifeline-Safety Belt PPE Signs Danger Safety Belt Required

Lifeline/Safety Belt Signs

With the proper equipment, training programs and other incentives, workers can be encouraged to wear PPE, keeping your workplace safe and injury free. 

Since its founding in 1863, Stonehouse Signs has produced high-quality visual communications solutions for various industries and the government. The company specializes in custom products for safety, information and accident prevention, and manufactures a full line of safety signs and facility signssafety tags, vinyl safety decals, and custom magnetic whiteboards designed for extended outdoor life, harsh environments and demanding applications. For more information call 1-800-533-9914 or visit www.stonehousesigns.com.

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