Sign Shape

Throughout the years standardized safety symbols have provided critical information for accident prevention and personal protection very effectively.

 Illustrated or pictorial signs can promote quicker and more effective communication of your safety message, which results in greater safety for everyone.

Using the sign shape to surround a symbol provides additional emphasis about the nature of the message. Here are some of the most common surround shapes, and the recommended colors for each type of hazard. Please note, international safety sign formats require surround shapes by ISO 3864 standards.

Surround Shape:

Stonehouse Signs Diamond Shaped Sign

  • Message: Hazard Alert
  • Examples:
    Stonehouse Signs Diamond Shaped Sign Example Stonehouse Signs Diamond Shaped Sign Example
  • Recommended Colors: 
    White image on RED or BLACK background
    Black image on YELLOW or WHITE background


Surround Shape:

Stonehouse Signs Triangle Shaped Sign

  • Message: Hazard Alert
  • Example:
    Stonehouse Signs Triangle Shaped Sign Example
  • Recommended ColorsBlack image on ORANGE or WHITE background


Surround Shape: 

Stonehouse Signs Circle Sign

  • Message: Mandatory Action
  • Example: 
    Stonehouse Signs Circle Sign Example
  • Recommended ColorsWhite image on BLUE or BLACK background


Surround Shape:

Stonehouse Signs Square Sign

  • Message: Information
  • Examples:
    Stonehouse Signs Square Sign ExampleStonehouse Signs Square Sign Example
  • Recommended Colors
    White image on GREEN background for general safety information, location of safety equipment
    White image on RED background for Fire Safety


Surround Shape:

Stonehouse Signs Circle with Slash Sign

  • Message: Prohibition
  • Example:
    Stonehouse Signs Circle with Prohibited Slash
  • Recommended ColorsBlack image inside RED circle with slash

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