Lockout and Electrical Tag - Front-Danger: Date:_ Ordered Out By:_/Time:_ Cut.... (Tuff Tag)

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Tuff Tag
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6x3.5 in
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Use Lockout Tags to keep workers safe by ensuring the proper control of hazardous energy sources of machinery and equipment being serviced, and by preventing any unexpected startup while performing repair and maintenance. All Stonehouse Signs Lockout/Tagout Tags are designed to help you meet OSHA compliance regulations.

Use Electrical Tags on equipment and in areas during maintenance and repair to prevent electric shock, electrocution, fires, and explosions. All Stonehouse Signs electrical tags are ANSI and OSHA compliant. 

Stonehouse Signs’ Danger Tags have a danger header at the top and a safety message or a blank space to write in the necessary message. Danger Tags are generally recognized to indicate immediate, major hazard situations, with the potential of serious injury or death for workers if the hazard is not avoided or unsafe practices are used. Both OSHA and ANSI caution that Danger Tags should only be used in the most extreme situations where an immediate or major hazard exists, and in no other instance. 

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Front-Danger: Date:___ Ordered Out By: ___/Time:___ Cut Out By:___/Time:___ Cut In By:___/Time:___ Engineer In Charge:___ Back-Do Not Remove This Tag. See Other Side
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