Maintenance Tag - Front-Out Of Order Do Not Use (Tuff Tag)

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Front-Out Of Order Do Not Use

Use Stonehouse Signs Inspection Tags and Maintenance Tags to ensure all machinery and other important equipment is working properly to help keep your workers safe. Maintenance tags are used to identify equipment or machinery that has been taken out of service for repair and should not be used. Our selection of Maintenance Tags include Out of Order Tags, Out of Service Tags, and Do Not Operate Tags. Our Maintenance Tags are NOT intended to fulfill OSHA Lockout/Tagout requirements – to view our line of OSHA-compliant Lockout Tags, click here

Use Out of Order/Out of Service Tags to keep workers informed and aware of broken or defective equipment. Out of Order/Out of Service Tags can be used to mark broken equipment that needs repair/replacement, or to mark defective or malfunctioning equipment that may cause worker injury if used. 

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