Safety Tag Design Guide- Color

Use color to add emphasis and impact.

Accident prevention tags have certain colors have been standardized and therefore are easily recognized:

  Safety Red

Safety Red identifies Stonehouse Signs Danger Tag Header, Stonehouse Signs Stop Sign & Stonehouse Signs Electric Power Symbol Electric Power. Some common applications are fire protection, emergency egress, emergency stop bars, electrical switches and electric power facilities.


  Safety Orange

Safety Orange identifies an intermediate level of hazard – Stonehouse Signs Warning Tag Header.
Commonly used to identify hazardous parts of machinery, on Stonehouse Signs Biohazard Tag Headersigns or to indicate telecommunications facilities.


  Safety Yellow

Safety Yellow identifies Stonehouse Signs Caution Tag Header. Common applications include alerting against unsafe practices, identifying physical hazards, personal protection messages, on Stonehouse Signs Radiation Tag Header signs and to indicate petroleum pipelines.


  Safety Blue



Safety Blue identifies any mandatory action not directly associated with a hazard. Policies, information, etc. Also used to indicate buried water pipelines.


  Safety Green



Safety Green identifies the location of safety equipment, first aid, egress, general safety information. Also used to indicate buried sewer pipelines.



If you’re designing a Custom Tag, you can select your colors based on the guidelines we have provided or choose your own colors. Below are the Stonehouse Signs standard colors - however, if you want a color that is not seen here, no problem. Simply provide a PMS number or a sample to match. Custom colors may be an additional fee, contact an Account Manager for more information or a price quote. 

Stonehouse Standard Colors





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