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Heavy Duty Card Stock

Perfect for light duty, temporary or perforated tags, heavy duty cardstock is our most economical tag material.  Every standard cardstock tag comes with a 14” fastener string and a 5/16” metal grommet.  The standard size for this tag is 7.5" x 4".

Tuff Tag

Made to resist weathering, soiling and grease, Tuff Tag material is ideal for heavy duty purposes.  These durable tags use a 15 mil rigid vinyl material.  Every standard Tuff Tag comes with a 50 lb test permanent locking nylon tag tie and a 5/16" or 1/2" metal grommet. The standard size for this tag is 5.625" x 3.5".


Laminated tags are designed for heavy duty usage.  The graphics and writing surface are sealed between heavy-duty plastic, providing maximum durability and the capability to be reused.  Every standard laminated tag comes with a 50 lb test permanent locking nylon tag tie and a 3/8” metal grommet. The standard size for this tag is 5.75" x 3.125".


Tyvek tags are durable and tear resistant, designed to perform in extreme environmental conditions and to withstand water, most chemicals, extreme temperatures, UV rays and puncturing. They are suitable for long-term outdoor use. They can be folded and flexed without tearing, are incredibly lightweight, and are recyclable.

**Tyvek can be used for many of our tags and custom tags, but is not shown as a stock option and is considered a custom order. Please contact us for pricing, suitability and availability.**

Stonehouse also offers a 4.7 mil polyester paper tag material!
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Do you have a custom material that you would like to use? No problem! Contact our tag specialists to request your specific material. 

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