Safety Tag Design Guide- Words

Stonehouse Signs recommends the following guidelines for you standard and custom tag text. These guidelines will help increase your tag's impact, ensuring that your tag message is as effective as possible. 

  • It's vital to communicate your message clearly, quickly and concisely using as few words as possible.

Custom Tag - Too Wordy

Possibly too wordy

Stonehouse Signs Danger Do Not Close Tag

Clear & Concise

  • ALL UPPER CASE letters should be reserved for special emphasis words or short messages.

Stonehouse Signs Do Not Touch Tag


Stonehouse Signs Do Not Operate Tag


  • Left aligned, ragged right text, provides better readability. Centered text should be used only for short messages.
Stonehouse Signs Danger Tag Stonehouse Signs Danger Do Not Touch This Control Tag
  • Use active words.

Stonehouse Signs Acid Tag

Good use of active words

Stonehouse Signs Bad Example Active Words

Tag wording not as active

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