Sign Installation

Below are the recommended mounting and installation methods for Stonehouse Signs. If you need additional information or help, contact one of our sign experts for recommendations.

LxSign Mounting

  • LxSigns should be mounted using fastening devices (bolts, screws) which are slightly smaller than the sign holes.

  • Do not over tighten fastening devices to prevent bowing or possibly causing stress fractures.

  • Ideally a rubber spacer should be used to protect against over tightening and allow for thermal expansion and contraction of the LxSign material.

  • If special holes are required please specify on your customer sign worksheet.
  • LxSigns which are post mounted can be made extra durable by the addition of ‘TUFF COAT” to the back. Please ask for “TUFF COAT” if this is important to your application.

  • LxSigns over 10 square feet in area should be mounted inside a frame or retainer.
    • Expansion and contraction of the LxSign material in heat and cold my cause a standard mounting to fail

    • Elimination of a “wavy” or “bowed” appearance if large LxSigns are mechanically fastened
    • Avoid “sagging” of the sign face


Flat Surface Mounting

  • Material thickness may vary by size.

  • Corner holes are standard (larger signs may require additional holes in order to support their weight and to keep the mountings flat).
  • If special holes are required please specify in the Change It Up custom box.

  • Use non-rusting fastening devices which are slightly smaller than the sign hole size.

  • Do not over tighten the fastening devices especially when mounting LxSigns.



Most signs can be mounted using an appropriate adhesive or our double-sided foam mounting tape which can be purchased by the roll or we can apply it to the back of your signs for a minimal charge.
 Simply specify self-sticking mounting when ordering from Stonehouse Signs. 


Self-Adhesive Vinyl Installation

  • Self-Adhesive Vinyl signs come with a permanent acrylic adhesive on the back, protected by a pre-slit release liner for quick, easy installation. If a temporary or removable adhesive is required, please specify.

  • Maximum adhesion strength will develop in 48 hours.

  • Apply to clean surfaces (clean with alcohol or detergent and water).

  • Try to avoid applying to cold surfaces which can hinder the adhesion quality.
  • Wet your surface with mild soapy water to allow for some positioning of the vinyl for optimal placement. If a fully positionable adhesive is required, please specify.

  • Smooth the surface of the vinyl from the center outward to eliminate any wrinkles or bubbles.

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