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Tue, 2017-02-21
Stonehouse Signs Custom Digitally Printed Metal Map Sign
For Chicago Skydiving Center (CSC) leaping out of an airplane isn’t only about the thrill – it’s also making sure participants stay safe. In fact, it’s part of their company culture – they proudly declare on their website they were awarded “Best Safety Culture” by Blue Skies Magazine. So when CSC... Read Full Story
Tue, 2017-02-14
Stonehouse Signs Barricade Tag Flagging Barricading
You asked, we listened! Based on customer demand, Stonehouse Signs is pleased to announce we’ve added new Barricade Tags to our safety tag product line. The new tag styles can be ordered online or through your Account Manager. The new Barricade Tags are designed to clearly communicate barricade... Read Full Story
Wed, 2017-01-25
Stonehouse Signs Safety First Hand History
Look closely at Stonehouse Signs’ tags, and you’ll see a small logo of a hand in a circle with “Safety First” written in the hand. What is this logo, and why is it on some of Stonehouse Signs’ products?   The logo, which we call the Safety First Hand or SFH, was created by J.W. Stonehouse,... Read Full Story
Tue, 2017-01-17
Stonehouse Signs OSHA Compliant Biohazard Stickers and Biohazard Signs
Of all the safety dangers encountered the workplace, biohazards may be one of the most recognizable. The distinctive orange and black biohazard symbol was originally created in the late 1960s by an environmental health engineer working for Dow Chemical. He said in an interview: “There were a lot of... Read Full Story
Thu, 2017-01-12
Stonehouse Signs Custom Outdoor Metal Inn Sign
Zion National Park in Utah is known for its natural beauty and spectacular scenic views. Visitors come to the area to hike, relax and experience nature. And that connection with nature was precisely what the new 2 Cranes Inn, a small bed-and-breakfast that opened in 2016, reflects. To help capture... Read Full Story
Wed, 2017-01-04
Stonehouse Signs Unisex Restroom Signs
Denver Businesses Have Until April 30, 2018 To Post The New Required Signage Denver business owners and property managers, take note – the Denver City Council unanimously approved a new amendment to the Denver Building Code just before the new year regarding bathroom signs. The change requires all... Read Full Story
Tue, 2016-12-20
Stonehouse Signs Custom Full Color Interpretive Sign
The history of Colorado is interwoven with the history of mining, and the Revenue-Virginius Mine is one example. The mine originally opened in 1876, the same year Colorado officially became a state. Located in Governor Basin at an altitude of 12,000 feet, the mine location posed logistical... Read Full Story
Wed, 2016-12-14
Stonehouse Signs New Spanish Signs
Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the U.S. (after English,) with approximately 41 million native Spanish speakers and 11.6 million Bilingual English/Spanish speakers living in the country. Based on this large and growing segment of the population, Stonehouse Signs has expanded our... Read Full Story
Tue, 2016-12-06
Stonehouse Signs Custom High Intensity Reflective Mine No Trespassing Sign
Mining safety has reached a new milestone – according to the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA,) fiscal year 2016 was the safest year in mining history. The agency reported that in 2016, a total of 24 deaths occurred in the mining industry, which is a 37% decrease over 2015. The Assistant... Read Full Story
Tue, 2016-11-29
Stonehouse Signs Custom Ski Signs Trail Signs
It’s that time of year again – opening dates are upon us, the holiday season is here and snow flurries are finally making an appearance. Now is the time to make sure your ski signs are ordered for the upcoming season! Stonehouse Signs’ Ski Trail Signs are important communication tools to guide your... Read Full Story


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