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Tue, 2015-11-17
Stonehouse Signs Danger Respirator Required Sign
For the last five years, OSHA’s annual list of most-cited violations has included “Respirator Protection” as a frequently cited violation – in fact, it has held steady at #4 on the list for the preliminary numbers for 2015 and for the final numbers from 2010 – 2014. For 2015, the preliminary... Read Full Story
Wed, 2015-11-11
Stonehouse Signs OSHA Signs and Safety Scoreboards
In a surprise increase, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently raised fine amounts for the first time since 1990. The fines were increased by a provision included in the recently signed federal budget bill, and were not discussed much prior to the bill’s passing. Because... Read Full Story
Tue, 2015-11-03
Stonehouse Signs Military FPCON Signs
Stonehouse Signs is pleased to announce a limited selection of our FPCON Sign Sets are now available for purchase online. We added a selection of our FPCON Signs online to make it easier for our Military Sign customers to price and order our FPCON Signs. Our Real World FPCON Sign Set and Exercise... Read Full Story
Wed, 2015-10-28
Stonehouse Signs Custom No Trespassing Sign
For many property owners, standard Private Property/No Trespassing Signs don’t fully convey their specific property rules, regulations and restrictions. Luckily, Stonehouse Signs offers Custom Private Property/No Trespassing Signs that can be customized with your exact wording, so you don’t have to... Read Full Story
Wed, 2015-10-21
Stonehouse Signs Custom Trail Signs
Whether you need a simple symbol sign to mark a trail or campsite, or a full-color panoramic sign to fully describe the local flora and fauna, Stonehouse Signs is your source for Custom Outdoor Trail Signs. As a Colorado manufacturer, Stonehouse Signs has extensive experience producing custom trail... Read Full Story
Mon, 2015-10-12
Stonehouse Signs OSHA Releases Most Cited Violations of 2015
Each year, OSHA releases their most cited workplace safety violations for the preceding fiscal year, in the hopes that companies will fix the most common health and safety hazards before they cause an injury or fatality. In OSHA’s words, “OSHA publishes this list to alert employers about these... Read Full Story
Mon, 2015-10-05
Stonehouse Signs Recognizes Fire Prevention Week
In 1871, the Great Chicago Fire ripped through the city of Chicago, killing 250 people, destroying more than 17,000 structures, and leaving 100,000 people homeless. Forty years after that tragic event, as a way to recognize efforts to promote fire safety, Fire Prevention Week was declared. And... Read Full Story
Thu, 2015-10-01
Stonehouse Signs New Removable Vinyl Signs and Decals
Stonehouse Signs is pleased to announce our newest sign material offering, Removable Vinyl. Our Removable Vinyl material is a 3 mil transparent PVC film with a matte surface. Glossy surface Removable Vinyl can also be ordered by special request. A wonderful feature of this new material is the clear... Read Full Story
Wed, 2015-09-23
Stonehouse Signs Pedestrian Crossing Signs
Having safe and well-marked pedestrian crossing areas is a vital component to keeping both motorists and pedestrians safe on roadways. To that end, Stonehouse Signs produces a number of Pedestrian Signs and Pedestrian Crossing Signs to help clearly mark pedestrian crossing areas and to post... Read Full Story
Thu, 2015-09-17
Stonehouse Signs Bicycles May Use Full Lane Sign
Can the key to understanding traffic laws and regulations be a better-worded sign? Yes, at least in one instance, as a recent study proved a better-worded sign increased understanding between motorists and cyclists. The study, which came from researchers from North Carolina State University,... Read Full Story


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