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Tue, 2017-11-21
Stonehouse Signs Custom Printed Parking Lot Signs
The best signage is a combination of style and substance – you need to both communicate important information, and have a visually pleasing design that is eye-catching and easy to read.  Stonehouse Signs is the expert in transforming your signage – such as parking signs or other facility signs –... Read Full Story
Thu, 2017-11-09
Stonehouse Signs Custom 5S Signs
"There are only two choices: keep it or chuck it. And if you’re going to keep it, make sure to take care of it." So wrote Marie Kondo in one of her hugely successful organization books that focused on decluttering and organizing the home. But while Kondo may have gotten a lot of attention recently... Read Full Story
Fri, 2017-11-03
Stonehouse Signs Custom Winter Signs Icy Conditions May Exist
Is your workplace a winter wonderland or a seasonal safety hazard? Although it may seem as if winter weather conditions are just beginning, soon winter conditions around the U.S. will bring hazardous safety conditions to many workplaces. Don’t wait until the first snow or cold snap to get prepared... Read Full Story
Fri, 2017-10-27
Stonehouse Signs Steel Signs
Does your facility require the use of Steel Signs? The products used in certain industries and facilities, such as chemical companies, sometimes necessitate the use of Steel Signs for their durability and chemical resistance. Steel Signs are also used in some instances for their magnetic properties... Read Full Story
Tue, 2017-10-17
Stonehouse Signs Interior FPCON Signs Slider Signs
Stonehouse Signs’ FPCON Slider Signs make it easy to display and change the current FPCON threat level, to communicate that critical safety and security information. And now we’ve made it even easier to display the FPCON threat level inside military facilities or other locations. Our new Interior... Read Full Story
Wed, 2017-10-11
Stonehouse Signs ANSI Compliant Ski Lift Signs
ANSI, with guidance from the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA,) has released an updated version of ANSI B77.1 – Annex D for the 2017/2018 ski season. This ANSI standard regulates required signs posted at ski areas, including ropeway/lift signs and informative signs. Although many required ski... Read Full Story
Thu, 2017-10-05
Stonehouse Signs Lockout and Other OSHA Most Cited Violations 2017
Once again, Fall Protection has topped OSHA’s list of the most cited safety violations for the 2017 fiscal year. The commonly-cited violations list, which is intended to provide a focus for businesses by publicizing common safety issues, was announced at the National Safety Council Congress &... Read Full Story
Wed, 2017-09-27
Stonehouse Signs Custom Digitally Printed Signs
First impressions are everything, especially for businesses that may have only seconds to attract customers. That’s why Stonehouse Signs is committed to providing visually stunning, full color Custom Printed Signs that will stand the test of time, even when installed outdoors. With our digital... Read Full Story
Thu, 2017-09-21
Stonehouse Signs New Larger ANSI Lift Signs
Stonehouse Signs is pleased to announce that, just in time for the 2017/2018 ski season, we’ve made 15 of our most popular ski signs available in larger sizes. In past years, customers have been ordering these larger ski signs as custom signs; now they’re available as standard signs, making it easy... Read Full Story
Fri, 2017-09-15
Stonehouse Signs Workplace Health Promotion Signs
Can doing yoga at work prevent you from getting sick? Can it save your employer money? While it may seem counterintuitive, more and more businesses and workers alike are recognizing the connection between overall health, better productivity, and saving overall on healthcare. Whereas in decades past... Read Full Story


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