Recommended Sign Wording

It's vital to communicate your message clearly, quickly and concisely using as few words as possible.

Stonehouse Signs Notice Sign Possibly Too Wordy

Possibly too wordy

Stonehouse Signs Notice Authorized Personnel Only Sign

Clear & Concise

ANSI Z535 standards also recommend:

  • A combination of UPPER and lower case letters for the best readability.
Stonehouse Signs No Welding Sign Stonehouse Signs Danger Keep Out Hazardous Voltage Sign
  • ALL UPPER CASE letters should be reserved for special emphasis words or short messages.
Stonehouse Signs Caution High Radiation Area Personnel Monitoring Required Sign Stonehouse Signs Danger High Voltage Keep Out Sign
  • Left aligned, ragged right text, provides better readability. Centered text should be used only for short messages.
Stonehouse Signs Biohazard Sign Stonehouse Signs Caution Drive Slowly Sign
  • Use active words.

Stonehouse Signs Caution Wear Eye Protection Sign

Active Words

Stonehouse Signs Caution Eye Protection Required In This Area Sign

Non-Active Words

  • Use an outline format and bullets to separate message content.
Stonehouse Signs No Rollerblading, Bicycle Riding, Rollerskating, Skateboarding Sign Stonehouse Signs Danger Confined Space Enter By Permit Only Sign

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